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Posted on March 11th, 2020

I have had so much fun reading the stories you are sending me. Thank you so much for sending them. Here they are for everyone to read.

You are all fantastic writers and story tellers!

These are from the children at Good Shepherd School.

‘Tina the tale of a Siamese kitten.’
I love how Tina speaks to the audience just like me in my books. Jan loves the descriptions of all your friends! Brilliant writing…we want to read more!!
‘Duggy the dog steals food.’ Oh my goodness Duggy sounds a bit like me, always getting into trouble!
‘Muddy Dog.’ We love the way as a writer you talk to your audience! Great illustrations too!
Tumble in the ditch.’ What a great title! Your first sentence hooked us and made us want to read more!
‘Barry the Bear.’ Your story really made us laugh, especially the bit where Barry burped so strongly that he caused an earthquake! WOW!
‘Shooky and Blaze.’
We love your illustrations and your story ideas are great! It looks like you have lots more ideas too! Fantastic! Keep writing.

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