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Writer’s Dozen final week!

Posted on July 2nd, 2017

Supporting National Writing Day. #NationalWritingDay

Thirteen schools!

Wow Jan has been busy.

Here are the photos of the last 3 schools Jan visited this week.

Allesley Primary in Coventry celebrated National Writing Day last week and the whole school had written stories together in the hall. That must have been amazing!

The children asked some amazing questions and enjoyed hearing all about how Jan gets her creative ideas for her stories about me. I think I may often help with that as I somehow always manage to get myself into mischief!

St Lawrence Primary at Napton is a lovely village school and the staff, children and parents made Jan and Mike very welcome.

The children asked lots of very interesting questions and Jan was thrilled that they wanted to know so much about her journey from writing books to writing a TV series.

The very last school was St Anthony’s Primary School and they made us very welcome.

I went too but Mike wouldn’t let me go into school because in the morning I’d rolled in some delicious fox poo and he said I smelt horrible, in fact his exact words were “Phew you really stink Chico!” What a cheek! I thought I smelt lovely.

Anyway the children loved my storiesĀ  and all gave me a wave when they went past the car on their way home.

Thanks to everyone who supported National Writing Day and Janet on this book tour, we have had lots of fun and Jan and Mike have loved meeting the thousands of children they have seen over the past month.

Jan would finally like to say to all the children out there:

“Find something that you are excited about and get writing! Remember the 3 rules:

Finally have fun and enjoy writing!”

Hope you had fun seeing all the schools we have visited and

Get Writing!

Big woofs

Chico Chugg



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