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Writer’s Dozen book tour week 3

Posted on June 26th, 2017

What a lovely week Jan’s had with her book tour supporting National Writing Day. #NationalWritingDay #TellYourStory

Here are some photos of all the schools she visited.

On week 2 Jan only did one assembly at Guilsborough Primary.

The children listened well and the staff made Jan and Mike very welcome.


Week 3: On Monday Jan went back to a school that she taught in many years ago called St Nicholas Primary in Kenilworth.

All the staff, children and parents welcomed her back and she had a lovely assembly with lots of children telling her they were going to start writing stories.

One little boy said, ” At home I’m going to make a little book called ‘Benny the Beagles adventures round the world’ and it’s about this dog called Benny traveling around the world in a little boat. I just decided to do this today because I’ve been inspired by you.” Janet was thrilled.

On Tuesday Jan was at Chilcote Primary in Birmingham.

It was a very big school with over 480 children and Jan said they were all brilliant and asked some really interesting questions.

One little boy even gave Jan a story he had written, here it is isn’t it great?!!

NATIONAL WRITING DAY 21st June: On Wednesday Jan went to Hanslope Primary and Mike brought me along too! It was so exciting to actually be there with them. It was the hottest day in the heat wave we’ve been having, but I sat very quietly next to Mike. Half way through a kind teacher took me out for a walk around the school field.

The children asked some amazing questions and were really interested in learning about how Jan does her writing.

One child said:” I’ve learned that you’re never too old or too young to start writing.”

Jan even got a little girl to stand out the front because her  dog Jasper won the summer picnic competition. I can’t wait until we make the film in July!

Thursday: Jan said they had a wonderful assembly at Dunchurch Junior School.

The staff and parents were really friendly and the children were very excited about reading her books. Some children already had my first book so wanted the next ones.

Friday: Phew what a busy week!

Finally Jan went to Yelvertoft Primary School. One of her books is called Chico Chugg moves to Yelvertoft so the children were very excited when Jan read a bit from one of it’s chapters.

Lots of children got very excited about writing their own stories and one little boy even gave Jan a story for me. Isn’t it good?!

What a great way to end a busy week!

Don’t forget to go to my facebook page to see more about Jan’s book tour and read what parents and children are saying!  facebook

Only 3 schools next week, lets hope the weather is not quite so hot!

Big woofs, Chico.








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