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Writer’s Dozen Assemblies

Posted on June 10th, 2017

Jan has been supporting National Writers day this week when she started her Writer’s Dozen book tour.

#NationalWritingDay #TellYourStory

She went to four schools in the Midlands inspiring children to be more creative with their writing.

Here are some photos of the schools she visited.

Park Hill Junior school in Kenilworth was the first school.

The children were very excited about her visit and the staff, children and parents made her feel very welcome.

The children joined in well and said they would use her tips and ideas in their creative writing.

Next she was at our local village school, Crick Primary.

The children were very excited to see that her stories are all about Crick.

They remembered when we filmed an episode for my second TV series at the Scarecrow Festival and were thrilled that they could now go and watch it on Sky Kids and Now TV.

Some of them said they were going to write some creative stories about their pets, I can’t wait to read them!

On Thursday she went to Earlsdon primary School in Coventry

The children loved hearing about her journey from writing her first book to today with 6 books in one series, 5 in another and 2TV series.

She explained how it all started by planning her first book and the children were very excited to go off and start planning their own stories.

One little girl even showed her two books that she had written and Jan said they were amazing!

On Friday Jan went to Bilton Junior school in Rugby.

A lot of children had already heard about me and my stories.

After her assembly one boy from year 6 came up to Jan and said he was going to start writing now. I hope he sends the story for me to read!

She said the children were so well behaved and asked some really interesting questions at the end.

Jan was thrilled that the 3 actresses who star with me in my TV episodes go to Bilton Junior School and she brought them out to the front of the school so everyone could give them a clap for all their hard work!

Thanks girls I love working with you, you are all real stars!!

Well, next week we have only one school to visit so I will probably write all about that the following week when Jan isĀ  visiting 5 schools.

On the big day for National Writing day, June 21st, she will be at Hanslope Primary School in Milton Keynes, I’m going too I can’t wait!!

Phew I think she’ll be a bit tired by the end of that week!

Speak soon, big woofs, Chico. xx











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