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Posted on March 4th, 2020

On Monday we went to:


We had a fantastic day with all the children and staff and want to thank everyone for making us so welcome.

I can’t wait to see all the stories the children have promised to write, they had some fantastic ideas when they started planning during Jan’s workshops.

We were really lucky to be with everyone for a member of staffs special birthday, so really enjoyed the cake and bikkies.

Many thanks to staff for all the photos and a lovely end to our Book Week tour.

TICKFORD PARK Primary school, Milton Keynes.

On Tuesday we had a great day with all the children and staff.

Many thanks to everyone for making us so welcome and I can’t wait to see the stories the children are going to write and send to me.

REMEMBER: Keep writing!

Here’s a little film Tickford Park made when Mike showed the children how he makes the voice overs for my TV series. The children had fun doing a voice for Henri and deciding what he might say.


Good Shepherd School.
The staff and children made us very welcome and the children loved joining in with the workshops.
The Foundation classes were brilliant at using the tiller and rope and now know how to drive the boat.
I hope the children send me all the great stories they are going to plan.

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