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Posted on March 12th, 2019

Look at Willow, doesn’t she look great dressed up as me?!

Thanks for sending me the photo Willow.
We had a great assembly at st Matthew’s Primary school in Stroud. Thanks for asking us to come.
Mr Lugg from a beautiful village school in Mears Ashby invited us to start off their World book day celebrations.
Jan said the children joined in really well with her part of the assembly all about how an author writes.
Mike said the children were brilliant at putting voices over the film and writing their own script for Henri.
We all hade a lovely day in Swindon visiting Shriven primary school. The children, staff and parents were very friendly.
We finally finished at Woodford Hales Primary school where the children joined in brilliantly and despite the rain lots of children and parents came to see us. Many thanks for all your support.

Well that’s the end of another busy World book week and I’m absolutely pooped! Mind you Jan and Mike look a bit tired too, now we’ve only got to film over this next weekend and then maybe we can have a rest, but knowing Jan and Mike it won’t be for long.

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Big woofs
Chico Chugg.

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