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Radio Series and my Birthday!

Posted on January 31st, 2019

Jan and Mike asked the children if they could come to rerecord their parts at Mike’s studio so the headmaster and teacher very kindly brought them.

Here they are doing a wonderful job at speaking the parts of Jimmy and Charlotte!

They even let me come and listen to what the’yd recorded. They were very good!!!

Jan let them come down to the boat and we all had birthday cake because it is my 8th birthday today!

They even gave me a birthday present!

Many thanks to the headmaster and teacher for bringing the children. It was lovely for Jan to meet them all again and I had a lovely birthday.

A few weeks ago

Jan and Mike went to a school to record some children who are going to be the stars of a radio series all about my books!
They did some auditions and found two wonderful children to play the parts of Jimmy and Charlotte. They were brilliant and sound just like I imagined the characters would. Well done both of you, stars in the making!!

Here are some photos.

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