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Posted on January 10th, 2019

I was asked to be in a Pantomime this Christmas. It was Beauty and the Beast in Rugby at the Benn hall. “OH YES IT WAS!”

This is why I look a bit sad in these photos from the official photo shoot.

Lying on the sofa with my poorly back!
At the photo shoot with Jan and Shane. Shane played Silly Billy and I was his dog.
You can see I don’t look very well but Shane tried really hard to get me to smile.
Meeting Shane again and now all better.
Our first proper rehearsal. Shane showed me exactly what to do.
Jon Dylan Brown played the Dame. I loved his funny clothes. He really made me laugh!
Hollie Aires played Belle. She was very pretty and had a beautiful singing voice. Hollie also bought me a secret Santa, it was a bag of treats, chews, a water bottle and a pull toy. Thanks Hollie!
Ethan J Smith wrote the Pantomime and played Belle’s father, the Professor. Thanks for asking me to be in your pantomime Ethan, I had a great time!
Charlie Healey was the Prince and the Beast. He had could sing brilliantly! He was also a very scary Beast!!
Maggie Oliver was the Enchantress and looked very beautiful!
Chris Gilbey-Smith played one of my favourite characters, he was the baddy called Leonardo and he was brilliant!
This was where I sat back stage waiting to be called on. It was great because squirrels kept running around outside and I was very good at barking at them, until everyone said I musn’t do that when people were on stage.

Jan made me a special sparkly scarf to wear for the final scene when everyone was dressed up for Belle and the Prince’s wedding. Don’t I look smart?

I had such a great time at the pantomime and we’ve all made some lovely new friends. Thanks to everyone in the pantomime for letting me join in the fun!

Big woofs, a very happy but tired
Chico Chugg.

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