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Posted on December 6th, 2017

One Sunday we went for a lovely walk in a large wood in a place called Badby.

I had a wonderful run around until Jan made Mike put my lead on!

I’d been chasing squirrels and knew where Jan and Mike were, but Jan got quite hysterical when I didn’t keep checking in with them.

So after only an hour I was back on my lead!

Jan went to see Crick Beavers again and told them all about her books and my TV series.

They loved hearing all about me. They watched my Christmas episode and Jan read from one of my books.

Jan, Mike and Anita were nominated for another RTS award so they went to the award ceremony.

They didn’t take me of course but took one of my finger puppet doubles.

Jayne and Isabel,who work really hard organising the whole evening, were there too.

We didn’t win but Jan met Bob the Builder (Neil Morrisey) and insisted on having her photo taken with him. I wonder if he’ll ever do a voice over for any of my characters?

Now we’re in December and will soon be getting ready for Christmas…oh I love Christmas …I wonder what will happen this year?!

To watch my Christmas episode click here to watch it on Wizz kids.

Big woofs,


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