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May, the busiest month this year!

Posted on June 12th, 2018

Oh my goodness so much happened in May!

I have been so busy.

Check out all these wonderful photos.

First Helen and Dean came to visit and they brought me some yummy treats. Thanks Helen and Dean they were yummy!

Anita came to do a short film for a friend. I was in it too of course!

Do you remember I was asked by #Canal and River Trust Explorers to go and be at the winning schools ”Corridor for nature’ opening.  It was a competition held over a year ago. The winning school was Grewelthorpe Primary School in Ripon. Mrs Butler the Headteacher was lovely and even gave us lunch.

The children were so excited to see me and I got on really well with Mr Breckon, one of the teachers.

Thanks Emily from Explorers for asking me and many thanks to all the friendly staff and pupils of Grewelthorpe Primary.

Kenilworth Books had their 50th birthday! Jan went along to say Hi and wish them a very Happy Birthday. Judy and Tamsin are lovely and have sold my books and toys for many years. Thanks for all your support #Kenilworth Books.

Jan and Mike decided to paint Wah wah Chugg’s roof as it was looking very dirty. It was a big job, but doesn’t it look lovely now?

Then Uncle Colin and Uncle Rainier, I mean Uncle Sunny, came all the way from Canada for a visit! It was lovely to see them and the sun shone every day for us. I hope they come back and see us again soon.

Two little boys came and found me and said how they like my books. I love it when children come and say ‘Hi!’ Don’t forget to stop by anytime will you?!

Lastly here I am looking through the hatch side door. I was just checking to see what Jan was doing inside the boat and she clicked this photo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about my busy month of May! Don’t forget to check out my fb page for regular news, photos and films.

See you later…..Big Woofs, Chico!




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