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Posted on April 2nd, 2018


I went to London to see my friend Ethel.

I was a bit worried at first as life is so quiet on the boat and Jan said London would be busy.

This was Ethel and me last summer when we first met at the marina.

Ethel sat beautifully on the tube, she’s used to traveling on tubes and buses because she lives in London and travels on them all the time.

We went to see Sarah Ethel was very good and sat nicely on the sofa.

I tried hard to be good in Sarah’s flat and when I was Jan gave me treats! YUM!

I went on the tube too with tubeĀ  Mike and Jan.

I’m not asĀ  good as Ethel at sitting down because I find the loud noises, bumpy ride and all the people a bit scary!

I thought tube trains were a bit scary until I had to get in a lift to get to Sarah’s flat!

Phew… I wasn’t at all sure about walking into it but once inside it wasn’t so bad!

I think I like going to London after all. I get to meet my friend Ethel, travel on the tubes and get lots of treats for being good.

I wonder when we’ll be going again?

Big woofs,

Chico Chugg.





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