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Posted on April 16th, 2018

Jan and Mike had great fun at the London book fair last week.

They met lots of interesting people and are now very busy contacting them again.

They couldn’t take me so they took my soft toy double instead.

Here are some photos to show you how busy they were.

This photo shows only a small area of the book fair. Jan and Mike said it was enormous and took hours to walk around.

This was the end of the first day, Jan does looked pooped although my double looks quite perky doesn’t he!

Jan took lots of notes at things called seminars. Apparently people talk and give lots of interesting information about writing and publishing books.

My double also helped out when they had one to one meetings with lots of interesting people. It looks like Mike was showing one of my TV episodes here.

On the last day they all went to the CMC Exchange and had a table where they could meet people. They even took my roller blind and of course my soft toy double was there again!! I think I even spy biscuits on a plate, although there doesn’t look many left!

A really nice lady called Claire organised the day for them and they had lots and lots of meetings and met some really interesting people

When they got home I was so excited to see them and hear all about it. Mike just wanted to read the paper but I made sure he wasn’t going to go anywhere again soon!!

Jan and Mike just want to say many thanks to all the people they met and for all the help and positive support they were given. We are all very excited now to see where our journey with my books, TV series and of course me will go next!!

Watch this space!

Big woofs

Chico Chugg.



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