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Posted on February 4th, 2018

January has been a very quiet month. The weather’s been rainy and wet so we haven’t gone out much.

Here’s a few photos to show you what I’ve been doing.

Lyn and Ruscomb have been on their boat and one night we went to watch a movie on our big screen TV. They had wine and Lyn brought pop corn.

They wouldn’t give me wine but Lyn let me¬† have some of her yummy pop corn.

I didn’t really enjoy the film much so I kept talking and asking for more pop corn and then suddenly I found myself¬† back on the boat, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let me stay, maybe next time I should be a bit quieter?

Last week I had to go to the vets to get my kennel cough nose drops. I don’t like getting those drops they make me sneeze and feel very snuffly! The vet and staff there were ever so friendly and gave me lots of treats and I tried ever so hard to be good but when they came near me with the nose drops I couldn’t help panicking.

Finally I calmed down and they managed to get them up my nose…YUK!

I’ll try and be good next time.

Jan and Mike made a little film about a very muddy walk I took them on. You can watch it on my facebook page if you click here.

Have fun!

Big woofs, Chico Chugg.

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