Anya the tooth fairy.

What a great idea for a story! We loved the humour Anya and could not stop laughing.
We can tell that you really enjoyed writing this, so keep writing.
Well done.

Anya the tooth fairy.

Chapter 1
There was once a fairy, she was a tooth fairy called Anya. She went round the houses collecting lost teeth .There was a boy called Joe, his granddad had come to visit. His granddad had false teeth. One night Joe had a wobbly tooth.

He would not stop wobbling it. He had a terrible night’s sleep.
The next morning he took his dog Charlie for a walk. His tooth got looser, and looser. He went home.

Chapter 2
He wobbled and wobbled his tooth until it fell out! That night the tooth fairy came and took the tooth and left a one pound coin in its place. The next day his granddad came round again.  That night he got his granddads false teeth. He took them apart “hah now I’ll get a fortune” he laughed. He put them under his pillow. The next morning he had a fake £10 note from Anya the tooth fairy. He did not notice it was fake. It was monopoly money.

Chapter 3  
He tried to spend it but the shopkeeper told him off. Joe realised the tooth fairy had play a trick on him to teach him a lesson. He felt very bad and wondered how he could put things right. So that night he left a pound coin under his pillow. When he woke up the pound was gone and the false teeth were back. Phew! He thought and quickly sneaked the false teeth back to his granddad. His was so pleased when he found his teeth were back he took Joe out for an ice cream.

The end.

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