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Dry Dock

Posted on August 25th, 2018

We’ve been in the dry dock!

Wah Wah needed her bottom blacking again so we went into the dry dock to do it.

Jan doesn’t like it in the dry dock but I love it. It’s so exciting, check out the photos to see why.

Chugging into the dry dock.                                          Putting the planks in and covering with a cover to make a dam wall.                     I love it when the water is pumped out, look can you see it?





Can you see the water going down? Next we jet wash off all the old blacking…so we can grind off all the rust and then paint her. I had to keep watching the water pump to make sure it kept working.



Jan and Mike also touched up some of the blue paint. We had to walk carefully over the plank and bridge to get on and off the boat.

Then after a few days we were ready to come out. I tried to help take off the plastic cover and enjoyed barking at the water rushing back in when they took out the planks.


They wouldn’t let me on the boat as Mike chugged out, but I kept shouting loudly to tell him how to do it. I didn’t want Mike to scratch the new paint! He didn’t seem to appreciate my help though!



Coming back to our mooring. Doesn’t Wah Wah look shiny and bright?!

If you click here you can watch my Dry Dock episode on Wizz youtube channel for kids.

I hope you enjoy it.

We’ll be back in the dry dock in a couple of years, I can’t wait.

See you soon, big woofs, Chico Chugg.


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