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Author day at Kenilworth Books

Posted on August 5th, 2018

Mike, Jan and me had a wonderful day at Kenilworth Books yesterday.

We met lots of lovely children and parents. Some grown up children came to see Jan too, she had taught them many years ago.

Many thanks to everyone who came to see us, friends, family, children from schools where Jan has done my assemblies and new faces, I had a lovely day.

Here’s the winner’s  colouring picture  from the competition. Well done it was lovely! Finger puppets are waiting for you at Kenilworth Books.

Thanks again Kenilworth Books for inviting us, see you all soon! Big woofs, Chico Chugg.

June and July

Posted on August 1st, 2018

Wow hasn’t it been hot?

I’m outside most days lying in the shade of the trees as it’s too hot for me at the moment.

Anyway here are a few photos from the last 2 months. I haven’t done a lot but Jan, Mike and Anita had an exciting time at the Children’s Media Conference in a place called Sheffield.

Mike, Anita and Jan had some very exciting meetings with all sorts of people.  Can you see they took my double because I wasn’t allowed to go.

We are now very excited about what the future will be with my TV series and books as everyone loved me, of course!!

A famous children’s author called Michael Rosen did a speech. Jan said it was very good.

They took my double to lots of things called seminars. I’m not sure what that means but my double seemed to be listening well.

At the end of the conference they were all tired but came home very happy and excited.

One evening while we were eating dinner outside, I spotted two of our cushions fly off into the canal. No one seemed to notice but me, so I barked and barked and everyone got cross with me until Jan suddenly spotted them floating off down the canal.

I wasn’t sure how we were going to get them back until Mike cleverly got his kayak out and went and retrieved them. Of course I had to help by barking instructions to him!

Phew it’s a good job I notice what’s going on!


Oh yes and one last thing, this Saturday, which is the 4th August, we are all going to be at Kenilworth Books with my stories. Come along and meet us for some fun: making badges, joining in with a colouring competition and listening to Jan reading from my books.

Click here for a link to Kenilworth Books website.

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine but remember to drink lots of water and keep in the shade!!

Big woofs, a very hot Chico Chugg.








May, the busiest month this year!

Posted on June 12th, 2018

Oh my goodness so much happened in May!

I have been so busy.

Check out all these wonderful photos.

First Helen and Dean came to visit and they brought me some yummy treats. Thanks Helen and Dean they were yummy!

Anita came to do a short film for a friend. I was in it too of course!

Do you remember I was asked by #Canal and River Trust Explorers to go and be at the winning schools ”Corridor for nature’ opening.  It was a competition held over a year ago. The winning school was Grewelthorpe Primary School in Ripon. Mrs Butler the Headteacher was lovely and even gave us lunch.

The children were so excited to see me and I got on really well with Mr Breckon, one of the teachers.

Thanks Emily from Explorers for asking me and many thanks to all the friendly staff and pupils of Grewelthorpe Primary.

Kenilworth Books had their 50th birthday! Jan went along to say Hi and wish them a very Happy Birthday. Judy and Tamsin are lovely and have sold my books and toys for many years. Thanks for all your support #Kenilworth Books.

Jan and Mike decided to paint Wah wah Chugg’s roof as it was looking very dirty. It was a big job, but doesn’t it look lovely now?

Then Uncle Colin and Uncle Rainier, I mean Uncle Sunny, came all the way from Canada for a visit! It was lovely to see them and the sun shone every day for us. I hope they come back and see us again soon.

Two little boys came and found me and said how they like my books. I love it when children come and say ‘Hi!’ Don’t forget to stop by anytime will you?!

Lastly here I am looking through the hatch side door. I was just checking to see what Jan was doing inside the boat and she clicked this photo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about my busy month of May! Don’t forget to check out my fb page for regular news, photos and films.

See you later…..Big Woofs, Chico!





Posted on April 16th, 2018

Jan and Mike had great fun at the London book fair last week.

They met lots of interesting people and are now very busy contacting them again.

They couldn’t take me so they took my soft toy double instead.

Here are some photos to show you how busy they were.

This photo shows only a small area of the book fair. Jan and Mike said it was enormous and took hours to walk around.

This was the end of the first day, Jan does looked pooped although my double looks quite perky doesn’t he!

Jan took lots of notes at things called seminars. Apparently people talk and give lots of interesting information about writing and publishing books.

My double also helped out when they had one to one meetings with lots of interesting people. It looks like Mike was showing one of my TV episodes here.

On the last day they all went to the CMC Exchange and had a table where they could meet people. They even took my roller blind and of course my soft toy double was there again!! I think I even spy biscuits on a plate, although there doesn’t look many left!

A really nice lady called Claire organised the day for them and they had lots and lots of meetings and met some really interesting people

When they got home I was so excited to see them and hear all about it. Mike just wanted to read the paper but I made sure he wasn’t going to go anywhere again soon!!

Jan and Mike just want to say many thanks to all the people they met and for all the help and positive support they were given. We are all very excited now to see where our journey with my books, TV series and of course me will go next!!

Watch this space!

Big woofs

Chico Chugg.



April & we are at the London Book Fair!

Posted on April 9th, 2018

Here is a flier telling everyone all about us.

Jan and Mike are so excited about all the people they are going to meet!

Next week we’ll put up photos and let you know how they got on.

A very excited, Chico Chugg!


Posted on April 2nd, 2018


I went to London to see my friend Ethel.

I was a bit worried at first as life is so quiet on the boat and Jan said London would be busy.

This was Ethel and me last summer when we first met at the marina.

Ethel sat beautifully on the tube, she’s used to traveling on tubes and buses because she lives in London and travels on them all the time.

We went to see Sarah Ethel was very good and sat nicely on the sofa.

I tried hard to be good in Sarah’s flat and when I was Jan gave me treats! YUM!

I went on the tube too with tube  Mike and Jan.

I’m not as  good as Ethel at sitting down because I find the loud noises, bumpy ride and all the people a bit scary!

I thought tube trains were a bit scary until I had to get in a lift to get to Sarah’s flat!

Phew… I wasn’t at all sure about walking into it but once inside it wasn’t so bad!

I think I like going to London after all. I get to meet my friend Ethel, travel on the tubes and get lots of treats for being good.

I wonder when we’ll be going again?

Big woofs,

Chico Chugg.





World Book Week!

Posted on March 13th, 2018

We had such a lovely week visiting lots of schools for World Book Day.

Here are some photos.

Many, many thanks to all the schools that invited us and the warm welcome from the staff, children and parents!

The children were amazing,  joining in well and asking some wonderful questions.

Thank you to Hall Green Infant School, Birmingham!

Thank you to Cawston Grange Primary School, Rugby!

Thank you to Oakfield Primary School, Rugby!

Thank you to Priorsfield Primary School, Kenilworth!

Thank you to Eastern Green Junior School, Coventry!

Thank you to Beanfield Primary School, Corby!

You can read more about each visit on my face book page if you follow the link on my home page, at the top on the bunting.

Can’t wait for my next book tour in the summer for National Writing Day!

Big woofs,




Posted on February 4th, 2018

January has been a very quiet month. The weather’s been rainy and wet so we haven’t gone out much.

Here’s a few photos to show you what I’ve been doing.

Lyn and Ruscomb have been on their boat and one night we went to watch a movie on our big screen TV. They had wine and Lyn brought pop corn.

They wouldn’t give me wine but Lyn let me  have some of her yummy pop corn.

I didn’t really enjoy the film much so I kept talking and asking for more pop corn and then suddenly I found myself  back on the boat, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let me stay, maybe next time I should be a bit quieter?

Last week I had to go to the vets to get my kennel cough nose drops. I don’t like getting those drops they make me sneeze and feel very snuffly! The vet and staff there were ever so friendly and gave me lots of treats and I tried ever so hard to be good but when they came near me with the nose drops I couldn’t help panicking.

Finally I calmed down and they managed to get them up my nose…YUK!

I’ll try and be good next time.

Jan and Mike made a little film about a very muddy walk I took them on. You can watch it on my facebook page if you click here.

Have fun!

Big woofs, Chico Chugg.


Posted on December 31st, 2017

Wow what a fun time!

Parties, snow and Christmas celebrations!

First the snow came and it made the marina look beautiful.

I loved it and couldn’t resist snuffling around. Check out this film Jan made.


Anthony and Michelle invited us to a fun party and we stayed over. They gave me lots of treats and Jan said they really spoiled me. I loved it and hope we can go and visit again soon.

Then it was Christmas and went to stay in a lovely little cottage.

I loved looking out the window as it was just the right height for me to look into the garden.

They all wore silly glasses and even tried to get me to wear a pair, but I wasn’t having that!

Can you see our tiny Christmas tree and the film we were watching on the TV?

My friend Ethel came to stay.  Everyone dressed up and played a thing called a murder mystery. It was a bit confusing so Ethel and me just watched and waited for more yummy treats!

The day we all went home it snowed again and it was the first time Ethel had seen snow as she’s only young. I showed her how to run around in it. She wasn’t sure to start with but then she loved it.

Bye Ethel hope we see each other again soon.

We had a long journey home and I am now having a good rest for a few days before the New Year, wait a minute that’s tomorrow!

Happy New Year everyone

Big woofs

Chico Chugg. xxx


Posted on December 6th, 2017

One Sunday we went for a lovely walk in a large wood in a place called Badby.

I had a wonderful run around until Jan made Mike put my lead on!

I’d been chasing squirrels and knew where Jan and Mike were, but Jan got quite hysterical when I didn’t keep checking in with them.

So after only an hour I was back on my lead!

Jan went to see Crick Beavers again and told them all about her books and my TV series.

They loved hearing all about me. They watched my Christmas episode and Jan read from one of my books.

Jan, Mike and Anita were nominated for another RTS award so they went to the award ceremony.

They didn’t take me of course but took one of my finger puppet doubles.

Jayne and Isabel,who work really hard organising the whole evening, were there too.

We didn’t win but Jan met Bob the Builder (Neil Morrisey) and insisted on having her photo taken with him. I wonder if he’ll ever do a voice over for any of my characters?

Now we’re in December and will soon be getting ready for Christmas…oh I love Christmas …I wonder what will happen this year?!

To watch my Christmas episode click here to watch it on Wizz kids.

Big woofs,



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