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Posted on December 31st, 2017

Wow what a fun time!

Parties, snow and Christmas celebrations!

First the snow came and it made the marina look beautiful.

I loved it and couldn’t resist snuffling around. Check out this film Jan made.


Anthony and Michelle invited us to a fun party and we stayed over. They gave me lots of treats and Jan said they really spoiled me. I loved it and hope we can go and visit again soon.

Then it was Christmas and went to stay in a lovely little cottage.

I loved looking out the window as it was just the right height for me to look into the garden.

They all wore silly glasses and even tried to get me to wear a pair, but I wasn’t having that!

Can you see our tiny Christmas tree and the film we were watching on the TV?

My friend Ethel came to stay.  Everyone dressed up and played a thing called a murder mystery. It was a bit confusing so Ethel and me just watched and waited for more yummy treats!

The day we all went home it snowed again and it was the first time Ethel had seen snow as she’s only young. I showed her how to run around in it. She wasn’t sure to start with but then she loved it.

Bye Ethel hope we see each other again soon.

We had a long journey home and I am now having a good rest for a few days before the New Year, wait a minute that’s tomorrow!

Happy New Year everyone

Big woofs

Chico Chugg. xxx

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