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Chugging holiday.

Posted on September 25th, 2018

We went chugging for 2 weeks and almost got to a place called Rugley.

We had lots of misfortunes and adventures along the way.

At Watford locks we had to wait 3 hours for 12 boats to come up but we didn’t mind. The only problem was that by the time we started chugging it was pouring with rain and we got absolutely soaked!

The next morning, moored at the top of the Braunston locks, the engine wouldn’t start so Mike was going to phone the RCR but the phone was dead, then the generator, he was using to charge the phone, ran out of petrol. So it was a 30 minutes walk down the locks to the chandlers where they kindly let us use their phone. The RCR are special people who come and mend your boat if it breaks down. RCR stands for River Canal Rescue. A bit like people have the AA or RAC for their cars.

The RCR man was lovely and soon mended the boat and we were on our way down the locks and moored in Braunston.

The next morning Jan had a bad leg and couldn’t walk so Mike chugged the boat to Hillmorton. Phil from the marina kindly drove our car to meet us and then Mike and Jan dropped me off at the Kennels while they took Jan to A and E. I had a lovely night with all my friends but I was happy to see that Jan was on the mend when Mike came to pick me up the next day. She just had to rest and not pull the boat in with the rope.

Wow we’d only been away 3 days and so much had happened.

I helped Mike do lots of locks while Jan steered the boat. The weather was rather wet and very windy. In fact we came back early because someone told us a tree had blown down across the canal ahead of us in Rugley and boats couldn’t get through.

Most rainy days we stayed inside and made a fire, I love snuggly days.

In the evenings I was very tired after a long day chugging.

We met some lovely people along the way. Here’s a little boy who had one of my finger puppets.

Mike and Jan kept saying “You’re driving us crazy!” All I was doing was warning them when the water moved, which it does quite a lot on the boat when you speed up or slow down. Barking grabs everyone’s attention, so it was the only thing I could do. Look what they did! They put the canopy around the edge thinking it would stop me seeing the water, but as you can see, it didn’t!

I love chugging holidays because there’s so much to do and see, but do you know what, I’m ever so glad we’re home again now!

I wonder when we’ll go chugging again?

Big woofs until next time, Chico Chugg.

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