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Book Tour

Posted on November 15th, 2018

In November Janet’s doing a book tour to celebrate our RTS nomination.

Here are some photos of the schools so far.

Many thanks to all the schools for their invites and warm welcomes, Jan and Mike are having a lovely time meeting lots of really wonderful children and staff.

Malcolm Arnold Prep School.

Kineton Primary School

Wooton Primary School

Some children from Wooton School have a pet pig called Boris and they sent me a photo. Isn’t he lovely.

Willows Primary School.

Helmdon Primary School, was a lovely little village school.

I love the big photo with all the children in it! I was just wondering what Mike was doing with another dog?! He told me her name was Lila and she belongs to the school, isn’t she lucky! She looks lovely and very happy, but I’m not surprised being around children all day must be great fun

Stockingford Primary.

Weddinton primary school.

For her final assembly of this book tour Jan and Mike were at Weddington Primary School. We would all like to say a big thank you to the staff, children and parents who were amazing! They made Jan and Mike feel very welcome and the children joined in brilliantly, even lots of the reception children!! Look at the lovely special signing table they made for Jan to sit at, it made her feel very special!! What a lovely final assembly to be finishing Jan’s book tour.

A big thank you to all the schools that Jan and Mike went to for this book tour, they made them feel very welcome.
Jan will be doing another book tour around World Book week in March, so if you know of any schools that would like a visit get in touch with Jan now, as she is already getting booked up!
Happy reading everyone!
Big woofs Chico Chugg.

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