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ASSEMBLIES for a writing week.

Posted on June 26th, 2019

ASSEMBLIES for the ROMERO MAC Academy schools.

To support these schools with their Writing Week, Jan and Mike went to Corpus Christi school on Monday and Tuesday to deliver my assemblies.
On Monday reception classes from all 7 schools came and Tuesday all Year one classes came. 
Jan and Mike said they had two lovely afternoons with the children joining in well and asking some great questions about how Jan writes and Mike produces the sound and music for my TV series.
Many thanks to teacher Laura Mc Ginty for organising the visits and to all the schools for coming to meet Jan and Mike.
Good Shepherd, Sacred Heart, SS Peter & Paul, St Gregorys, St John Fisher and St Patricks.
Hope all the children enjoy reading my books!
Big woofs Chico Chugg.

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