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Recipes for Dogs


Who are you most like…

Answer the questions below to find out which character you're most like.

At a barbecue, there’s one sausage left. Do you:
In the park you see someone fall off their bike. They’re not hurt but what do you do?
You see one of your friends drop some litter. What do you do?
One of your friends is looking sad. What do you do?
Someone suggests a chasing game. Do you:

You’re playing at your friend’s house and accidentally break one of their toys. Do you:

Its karaoke time! How do you take part?
You’re at the park with 3 friends. Another friend’s Mum offers 2 of you a lift home. What do      you do?

It's your birthday and you can choose an activity to do with your friends. What is it?

What would your ideal holiday be?

A big bowl of your favourite sweets has been left out in easy reach. You know you are not allowed one until after dinner but that’s ages away. What do you do?

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