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Go to Tada kids and watch the episode called ‘Friends’ to answer these questions.

Chico Chugg lives . . . .
How many of Chico’s friends do we meet in this episode?
What accent does Henri have?
What 2 things is Henri good at?
What does Henri mean when he says “Oui, Oui”?
How does Harley speak?
What would Harley rather be doing than messing around?
Chico describes Harley as tall and ...
What happens to Chico’s legs when he hears Mishka speak?
What is Chico’s favourite thing that Mishka wears?
What does Mishka tell us that Chico’s stealing?
Who was Chico taking a jigsaw piece for?
What is in the shopping bag that Chico says no one could resist?
What did Chico get Henri in big trouble with?

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